National Institutes of Health Office of Management, Division of International Services

Welcome to the Division of International Services (DIS)/NIH case status page.

This page provides the status of NIH Sponsor Views (SV) for individuals who have applied for a No-Objection Statement (NOS) waiver of the J-1 two-year home residence requirement ("212e") based on an outside offer of employment. For information on the NIH requirements for sponsor views, click here.

NOTE: If you applied for a NOS waiver on the basis of NIH employment (i.e. an FTE or full-time equivalent), please contact your Institute or Center's (IC) administrative office in preparing the necessary paperwork to send to the DIS. Your IC administrative office can confirm that the paperwork was received at the DIS by accessing our case online system, known as the IC View. For further information on the IC View, click here.

In order to check the status of NIH Sponsor Views (SV) on your waiver application based on an outside offer of employment, enter your Department of State (DOS) Waiver Case Number below and click the "Submit" button.

Case Number

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